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Be the gay guy who really wants to know about pussy and ask them while plying them with beer. The mani thing these guys want if not drunk is anonymity. Type "married gloryhole" or "straight gloryhole" into Porn Md as proof. Private Gloryholes will get you all the straight dick you want.[quote]Two words, OP: Glory. I'd rather jerk off to porn for the rest of my life than step foot in one of those places.[quote]Is this what the incessant frau-bashing is all about here? I don't give a shit whether a dick is gay or straight. I've always thought of gloryholes as places of last resort where gross guys go to get head (or guys with no standards go to give head). OP, Most of the guys going to Gloyholes are straight since it's the easiest, most anonymous and usually only way they know to meet someone who will give them head.

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They are ashamed they had sex with you and you know it. On that site nifty dot org there is a collection of several diaries by a guy named shoesucker. They like sports, drinking beer, playing a pick-up game of basketball, working on their cars.He visited college bathrooms, did the most amazing and revolting things and wrote (quite well, I thought) about it. They can also like gardening, cooking, flower arranging, design, fashion, architecture, politics. At worst you will just be rejected, at best you won't get the shit beat out of you.

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