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Depression relies how we explain things to ourselves.

It's about how we respond and make sense of events.

No matter what the root cause is (in which we will discuss shortly), We may have even achieve great things, but with constant struggle rather than satisfaction.

Relying on these methods to make it through everyday, we deprive ourselves of true recovery, of deep joy and healthy emotion, or the feeling of being alive in this world. This is because depression has much to do with styles of thinking, behaviors and interpersonal relationships rather than DNA, and therefore abundant opportunities for people to learn the depressive styles of their family.

Using your method, I've kept my depression at bay ever since.

Up to date I'm still living happily with my girlfriend and I have you to thank for all that.

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Being the wonderful person that she is, she put aside her feelings and suggested I go for psychiatric evaluation.Whats interesting, once you understand the nature of these faulty perceptions, is that depression actually starts to make sense.