Long distance dating dates

06-Nov-2017 00:25

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can be easier to focus on the heavy stuff (ie “relationship issues”) than it is to dwell on the playful, day-to-day business of being a couple.One way to have a little fun is a light and breezy game of 20 questions, wherein you and your partner each write out a list of 20 things you don’t know about the other and then take turns asking them in a phone or video calls.Couple has a great “List” function that would be perfect for this, but you could also collaborate on your questions over Google Docs or email.It’s a great way to learn the little things about each other — first pets, favorite books, most embarrassing moments – while changing up the routine phone call format.While we are stationed 500 miles apart, we make time once a month to sit down at the same time and pick out the same movie on Netflix to watch; we either Skype or text through the whole thing.I’d like to say we alternate who picks the movie, but to be honest he usually leaves it up to me.Deployments, schools, TAD assignments, unaccompanied orders, geo-bachelor living situations; all of these things make dating and romancing your spouse a little bit harder than if you were able to just make a 7 o’clock reservation at your favorite restaurant.But that doesn’t mean you CAN’T date your spouse while they are away. Here are a few ways to keep date night alive no matter the distance… I don’t know HOW MANY Friday night dates I have been able to have with my husband thanks to Netflix.

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But they can also facilitate some particularly smart, interesting, and unusual conversations.I’m kind enough not to inflict sappy girl movies every time.