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17-Jun-2017 19:51

It's not good (but not bad) and I feel like the coconut was really wasted here.It's not elegant at all though it smells like high end makeup.It has an incredible longevity that will have your skin and clothes smelling of it for days, which is great as the scent doesn't cease from smelling fresh.Crystal Noir is absolutely hypnotizing and will forever be my treasured baby.

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It smells kind of like MAC lipstick and Estée Lauder eye shadows.Smell expensive and beautiful sweet sexy smooth smell like cinnamon ginger coconut and white flower of gardenia smell like a beautiful island girl from Hawaii in flower sarong dress and flower in her hair this has a pretty bottle and smell good for evening in winter warm and spicy floral musky has everything I like I tried a spritz of this at Macy's a few days ago. My husband, who is notoriously picky about perfumes, also said it was "very pleasant", which is a huge compliment coming from him. It's wonderfully creamy and cozy and sexy, like a beautiful black velvet chamise. The sweetness from the coconut is just right; it's not so sweet so as to be cloying but manages to balance out the pepper and ginger. To my surprise after applying this I was getting lots of... And when I finally checked to see the notes listed - yup, there it is - COCONUT. I recently purchased CK Secret Obsession and there’s is something in it’s opening that reminds me of Crystal Noir.