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25-Nov-2017 17:08

For those who are living within the comfort of a casual relationship, there is always a cost.Relationships are meant to be exciting, fulfilling and healthy. They are meant to deepen in intimacy, connection and love. You may be entertaining a casual relationship at the expense of clarity and certainty.There is no room for the “maybe” of casual when it comes to finding love, because true love is based on commitment.It does not weigh pros and cons or wander back and forth.But this verse reminds us that simplicity is so important when it comes to our communication with others—including others of the opposite sex. If we applied this rule to dating, the “maybe” of casual dating would vanish within the certainty of yes or no. That time is called the stage of the firsts: first impressions, first conversations, first dates.In the early stages of dating, a relationship should always be casual.Studievejlederne kan blandt andet hjælpe dig med at få besvaret spørgsmål om uddannelserne, optagelse, individuel kompetencevurdering (IKV) og om merit.

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Rather than helping you make a decision, casual dating keeps you stuck in confusion longer than you ever intended to stay.