Accomodating a large penis

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"The first time I put this on her, I just pushed the skewers through and made her walk around that way for a day, but I likely the look so much I decided to make it permanent.

Of course, I couldn't have her constantly bleeding, so I had the surgical steel installed.

"Yes, it has an internal reservoir that slowly pumps out liquid as she walks. She knows it, another thing she used to find humiliating. As he pulled the shoe off, Mr Red notice that the slave kept the foot up on its toes just as if the shoe were still there. The host sat back and took a sip of his drink, then asked if Mr Red had done much fishing this year. She needed a place to stay, no questions asked, and she was willing to do whatever she needed to earn a place to sleep. She'd jumped one year past 18, hoping to make it less obvious but still a believable number. He was thirty two, and possessed of considerable means.

I imagine that by now she's used to it, but I haven't asked. A brunette with a pretty face, she had leaned low across his table, displaying very modest cleavage with her low cut top. She was not so attractive that most men would call her beautiful, but she was attractive enough to get a teenage boy in the sack, especially if she came on strong. And in a way, this was too good of an opportunity to miss.

She wore what seemed to be fairly standard, albeit five inch tall, high heels, but walked gingerly in them as though afraid to put her full weight on her heel.

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But I also conditioned her to only come on command, which she rarely gets. Luckily for him, unusual circumstances had just knocked on his door. He gave her a hot meal and a shower, and afterward he laid her back on his coach and fucked her. She just had wide hips but lacked the large breasts to give her a true hourglass figure."The leather blocks out much, but not all of the sound. They cut the available light by about half, reducing her range in clarity of vision. The inside of her field of view is on the outside, and the outside on the inside."The host held up both hands, upright and parallel to each other. These lenses take what that eye would see on the outside, the right side, and shifts it to the left, and takes what the eye would see on the inside, the left side, and shifts it out.She needs to be able to hear instructions, of course. She basically sees in the four vertical bars, all shifted around.Mr Red sat comfortably in a richly appointed room, waiting for his host to appear.

He hoped that is was not in his host's nature to leave him waiting for long.

He found that many powerful men seemed to enjoy doing just that.